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My Current Ventures

My current ventures include being a Solution Specialist, an IBEAD Learning Specialist, and a Blogger & Connector. IBEAD is an acronym for Inclusion, Belonging, Equity, Accessibility, and Diversity.


"Invisible disabilities are still visible to me."

MISSION -  is to help transform the Corridor Community into an open and comfortable environment where Inclusion, Belonging, Equity, Accessibility, and Diversity (I.B.E.A.D.) is celebrated and thrives. My accessibility audit services will bring the honest and open conversations necessary to further integrate IBEAD into the Corridor Community as a whole. By partnering with schools, community organizations, and businesses, I aim to help others create and foster an inclusive culture.

Image of someone in a wheel chair on a keyboard with a magnifying glass. Acknowledgement to stuart miles for allowing me to use this image.
Image by Erik Mclean. A sticker on a locker that says, "Education Changes the World."

VISION - To work with businesses, community groups, organizations, and the education community to ensure that an effective IBEAD strategy is in place to keep their environment inclusive and accessible to all.

What is an Invisible Disability?

Who has an Invisible Disability?

What celebrities have an Invisible Disability?


Dr Ruth White, Founder & Executive Director, The Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success

As Executive Director of The Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success, I benefit greatly from the assistance of Solutions Specialist, Wanda Johnson. Most organizations don't run well without good administrative assistance. Wanda provides that for me. She keeps me on task, and reminds me of the many things I forget, in spite of the fact that they are on my calendar. During one particularly busy stretch, I was whining about needing an admin. Wanda said, "That's what I'm trying to be, if you would let me." I decided to let her. I'm glad I did.

Dr. Ruth E. White, Founder & Executive Director
The Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success

Allison Keough's Headshot. She is with BusyBee Business Solutions

Without Wanda's guidance, I would have been lost in a sea of resources and information without a clear starting point. Wanda provided the encouragement, critique, and direction I needed to successfully launch my Virtual Assistant business, despite various hurdles and personal doubts. She kept me focused and on track, and her assistance was truly priceless!

Allison (Allie) Keough, Owner, BusyBee Business Solutions, LLC.

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